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About us


This is multigenerational and multifaceted group of messy humans.

There are crumbs on the floor, coats thrown to corners, laughter, fun, some walkers park next to tables, LOTS of learning, sometimes pizza, many potlucks and maybe even football on the big screen. It is all of this, while we fall more in love with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This is how we "watch over each other in love," as John Wesley would say.

We strive to be a community that listens, learns and loves together for our neighbors. We’ve been hurt, we grieve, and we’ve experienced more than a few challenges. But that doesn’t stop us from loving God, loving our neighbors and loving strangers.

If you are seeking kindness, hope, grace and little bit fun, you’ve come to the right place. Come as you are, with doubt, challenges, and questions. We are holding a space just for you!


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