Welcome to Community Methodist Church!  We hope you will take a moment to browse our website and discover the many opportunities to experience and share the presence of God, the love of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  You are invited to join us for worship, fellowship, service, and spiritual growth opportunities for all ages, as together we partner with God in making a difference in the world through the love of Jesus Christ. We hope to see you soon!

Mission Statement:
Coming together with love; Uniting for fellowship and prayer; 
Ministering to our community as disciples of Christ.

Mission Focus:

To help those of our church and community to KNOW GOD better,  LOVE GOD more passionately and SERVE GOD more fully.



Welcome to church!!!

WEDNESDAY, September 14:

      5:00 am – Men’s Prayer & Bible Study @ The Well

      6:30 pm - Choir Practice

THURSDAY, September 15:

    10:00 am - Seekers

SUNDAY, September 18:

       9:00 am - Sunday School (PreK-8th Grade)

     10:00 am - Worship

     11:00 am - Fellowship 

MONDAY, September 19:

      7:00 pm - Glory Circle

WEDNESDAY, September 21:

      5:00 am – Men’s Prayer & Bible Study @ The Well

      1:30 pm - Faith Circle

      6:30 pm - Choir Practice

      7:30 pm - Leadership Board Meeting

THURSDAY, September 22:

     10:00 am - Seekers

      1:30 pm - Ogden Manor

      7:00 pm - Monica Circle

SUNDAY, September 25:

     9:00 am - Sunday School (PreK-8th Grade) 

     10:00 am - Worship

     11:00 am - Welcome Back Tailgate Fellowship

WEDNESDAY, September 28:

      5:00 am – Men’s Prayer & Bible Study @ The Well

      6:30 pm - Choir Practice

THURSDAY, September 29:

      10:00 am - Seekers

SATURDAY, October 1:

        9:00 am - UWIF State Meeting @ CUMC

SUNDAY, October 2:

     9:00 am - Sunday School (PreK-8th Grade)

     10:00 am - Worship w/Communion

     11:00 am - Fellowship 

WEDNESDAY, October 5:

      5:00 am – Men’s Prayer & Bible Study @ The Well

      6:30 pm - Choir Practice

THURSDAY, October 6:

    10:00 am - Seekers

SUNDAY, October 9:

     9:00 am - Sunday School (PreK-8th Grade) 

     10:00 am - Worship w/ Communion

     11:00 am - Fellowship 

     11:30 am - CUMC Women's Group

TUESDAY, October 11:

       5-6:30 pm - Food Pantry

WEDNESDAY, October 12:

      5:00 am – Men’s Prayer & Bible Study @ The Well

      6:30 pm - Choir Practice      

THURSDAY, October 13:

      10:00 am - Seekers 

      6:00 pm - T.T.T.

SUNDAY, October 16:

      9:00 am - Sunday School (PreK-8th Grade)

     10:00 am - Worship 

     11:00 am - Fellowship 


You are welcome to contact the office

at 515-275-4015 for updates at any time. 

You are also welcomed to call Pastor Buck directly at 712-303-8812.


CUMC monthly calendar is located under the

Calendar tab at the top of this page.

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All Are Welcome




Thank you to all that came out to help, and thanks to those that donated funds to the cause. We could not have done this without each and every one of you.  We had 135 total attendance, 68 from Ogden, 8 different churches, 3,000 meals with 18,000 servings.

Great Work Everyone!!

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  Worship Time
9:00 am - Sunday School
(PreK - 8th Grade)
10:00 am - Worship
11:00 am - Fellowship

Weekly Messages
Join us each week as we
grow and learn together!
Click Here to find weekly messages

Community United Methodist Church
is meeting in person and online. 
There is hand sanitizer and masks available in the Courtyard. 

If you are not comfortable meeting in person you are welcome to join us Livestream.  Just click on the Livestream under the Sunday Services in the Menu Tab at the top of this page.  We are also recording the services and posting the recordings to our website by 1PM on the same Sunday.  Just click on the Sunday Services tab at the Menu above.

All are welcome to attend. 
Come join us in worship.

Click Here to review our guidelines we have put into place to make our services as safe as possible.

Wednesday Morning Men's 
Prayer & Bible Study
A good group of men have been meeting at Water's Edge on Wednesday mornings at 5:00 am.  They are engaging in wonderful Bible related conversations.  Come join these faithful and motivated group of men seeking Christ.
All men are welcome!!


Looking for Youth Leaders & Volunteers

Youth Group is on Wednesday Nights starting

at 6:00 and go until 7:15.

There is a meal provided.


Youth Group.jpg


Thursday Morning Bible Study

Seekers meet at 10:00 am

each Thursday in the church library. 


This is your invitation! 

Seekers study group meets year-round on Thursday mornings from 10 – 11:30 in the church library. 

Our studies focus on the scripture and how

God is leading us to respond. 

Our group welcomes all to come and be in

conversation about God’s word. 

CUMC Church Directory

Thank you everyone who sent in their picture and updated their information.  Thank you Terri for taking so many great photos.  
You are welcome to pick one up in the Courtyard on the table just inside the West doors.  If you would like one mailed to you please let me know at the office (cumc@netins.net).   Since these will be printed "in house" they can be updated frequently, so if you get new family photos taken, just email me one here at the office and I will update the directory going forward.  Just let the office know if you would like to be added to future editions or if your information has changed.  

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