Welcome to Community United Methodist Church!  We hope you will take a moment to browse our website and discover the many opportunities to experience and share the presence of God, the love of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  You are invited to join us for worship, fellowship, service, and spiritual growth opportunities for all ages, as together we partner with God in making a difference in the world through the love of Jesus Christ. We hope to see you soon!



Welcome back to church!!!

Please check out our social distancing

requirements link below to the right.

SUNDAY, April 18: *Native American Ministry Sunday

     8:30 am – Prayer Gathering

     9:00 am – Sunday School (all ages)

     10:00 am – Worship 

              In place & Live Streamed at www.cumcogden.org

     11:00 am - UMW Spring Ham Ball Dinner Fundraiser

MONDAY, April 19:

     7:00 pm - Glory Circle

WEDNESDAY, April 21:

     5:30 am - Morning Men

                      All men welcome. (In place & Zoom)

                      Studying 52 Men of the Bible

     1:30 pm - Faith Circle

     2:30 pm - Confirmation (In place & Zoom)

     7:30 pm - Leadership Board

     8:30 pm - Bulldog Builders

THURSDAY, April 22:

    10:00 am - Seekers 

SUNDAY, April 25:

     8:30 am – Prayer Gathering

     9:00 am – Sunday School (all ages)

     10:00 am – Worship

              In place & Live Streamed at www.cumcogden.org

     11:00 am - Fellowship

WEDNESDAY, April 28:

     5:30 am - Morning Men

                      All men welcome. (In place & Zoom)

                      Studying 52 Men of the Bible

     2:30 pm - Confirmation (In place & Zoom)

     6:00 pm - Youth Group (5th-8th grade)

     8:30 pm - Bulldog Builders

THURSDAY, April 29:

    10:00 am - Seekers 

SUNDAY, May 2:

     8:30 am – Prayer Gathering

     9:00 am – Sunday School (all ages)

     10:00 am – Worship

              In place & Live Streamed at www.cumcogden.org

     11:00 am - Fellowship


     5:30 am - Morning Men

                      All men welcome. (In place & Zoom)

                      Studying 52 Men of the Bible

     2:30 pm - Confirmation (In place & Zoom)

     8:30 pm - Bulldog Builders


    10:00 am - Seekers


You are welcome to contact the office

at 515-275-4015 for updates at anytime. 

You are also welcome to call Pastor Buck directly at 712-303-8812.


CUMC monthly calendar is located under the

Calendar tab at the top of this page.

Mission Statement:
Coming together with love; Uniting for fellowship and prayer; 
Ministering to our community as disciples of Christ.

Mission Focus:

To help those of our church and community to KNOW GOD better,  LOVE GOD more passionately and SERVE GOD more fully.

UMW Spring Mission Dinner

Fundraiser Drive Thu

Sunday, April  18, 2021 11am - 12:30 pm

Ham Balls, Cheesy Potatoes, Green Beans, Roll, & Bars

Free Will Offering

Eagle Lake here at CUMC

June 14-18, 2021

Camp costs $200.  $25 now will reserve your spot.

If you are in need of assistance, please contact 515-275-4015

Info on what to bring/to the refund policy at the button below. 

Be a Follower of Our Site


Youth Group will be on

March 24th, April 7th, and April 14th

at 6:00 pm

All youth from 5th grade to 8th grade are welcome to attend

All 5th - 9th grade kids in the community are welcome to attend.  We welcome everyone.  


Wishlists for CUMC Children and Youth Activities

Kelli has a wishing well outside the CUMC office with wishes on buckets that she would enjoy to have for Youth Group.  The buckets (list) include - 

 , AA batteries, Hot Cocoa, jewel stickers, cotton balls,

crescent rolls, celery, raisins, and apples.

Guidelines for CUMC Children and Youth Activities

*Please bring a mask with you to Sunday School and youth group.   I am leaving it up to the discretion of the teacher whether or not they want you to wear a mask. 

This may change as we go along.

*Please remember to social distance.  We will do our best to have fun while remaining safe.

*If you are not feeling well, please stay home. 

*We will have hand sanitizer available and we will use it often. 

*We will sanitize in and out of rooms. 

*We will be cleaning the tables as often as we can.


We will accommodate whatever parents wish.   

If you feel your child cannot come unless we wear masks, we can change our guidelines.


  Worship Time

8:30 am -Prayer Gathering

9:00 am - Sunday School

10:00 a.m. Worship

Community United Methodist Church
is meeting in person and online. 
There is hand sanitizer and masks available in the Courtyard. 
If you are not comfortable meeting in person you are welcome to join us Livestream.  Just click on the Livestream under the Sunday Services in the Menu Tab at the top of this page.  We are also recording the services and posting the recordings to our website by 1PM on the same Sunday.  Just click on the Sunday Services tab at the Menu above.
All are welcome to attend.  Come join us in worship.
Click Here to review our guidelines we have put into place to make our services as safe as possible.

Bulldog Builders

Led by Tom & Judy Cleveland

Bulldog Builders is an ecumenical group for all High School aged youth in the Ogden area interested in learning and growing in Christianity.  


meet every Wednesday evening at 8:30 pm at CUMC in the lower level. 

Among the chaos, We are called to rest in the Lord, not to seek comfort from the world.  The Lord is in control and is our source for comfort and peace.  

Please encourage the High School kids you may know to attend and find peace and guidance in the Lord's word.

The world may indeed be unsettled, but we need not be.

The Bulldog Builders group will leave on Saturday, March 13th for Timber Creek Camp in Pulaski, MS. We’ll arrive at the camp around midnight. Sunday we will spend most of the day relaxing and getting ready for a week of work around the camp. Projects are yet to be determined but always include cleaning cabins, cleaning the barn (storage for everything!) washing windows, building or repairing fences, and general cleanup to get the camp ready for campers. Each day starts with huddle groups for Bible Study and ends with worship at 8:00 p.m. Once we arrive at the camp, we are there for the week. All our meals are provided so there is no need to leave the grounds. We’ll head home on Friday, March 19th and arrive sometime around midnight.

We want to say thank you to everyone that participated in our t-shirt fundraiser. Your generosity has allowed us to keep the cost for students the same as in the past and allowed us enough funds to make the trip. We’ll rent one van, haul our baggage and supplies in a trailer pulled by Cleveland’s truck with the addition of one additional vehicle. Chaperones include: Tom and Judy, Mike Tonsfeldt, Pastor Buck, Jared Tonsfeldt and possibly one or two more. We have approximately 15 students planning on participating in the trip. Thank you again for your support! We couldn’t do ministry without you!

~ Tom and Judy


Pray for the Bulldog Builder Mission Group as they embark on their Mission.


In April CUMC

will be collecting 

Nail Clippers

(no nail files or emery boards)

Band Aids

(3/4" x 3')

Sunday School

We have Sunday School options for all ages.

Sunday School is held at church on Sunday morning at 9:00 am


Led by Pastor Buck 

Our Adult class is currently studying "God Heard Their Cry"

(Lessons of finding freedom in the midst of Lift's trials)


Led by Tom & Judy Cleveland

The High Schoolers and their families are using the easy to understand "Passport" books written by Chuck Swindoll to help stimulate discussion around the basic tenants of our faith.


Led by Kelli Larson, Youth Ministry Coordinator

The kid's are using the "One Room Sunday School". 

They have started at the beginning with Adam and Eve and are chronologically  working their way through the Bible. 

Wednesday Morning Men's 

Bible Study

A good group of men have been meeting in the CUMC Courtyard on Wednesday mornings at 5:30 am.  They are studying 52 men in the Bible and are engaging in wonderful Bible related conversations. 

All men are welcome!!

Weekly Messages

Join us each week as we

grow and learn together!

Click Here to find weekly messages


Thursday Morning Bible Study

Seekers meet at 10:00 am

each Thursday in the church library. 


The Seekers Bible Study will be following a Study on Prayer.  This will be a repeat performance of the Wednesday night 6 pm study on prayer.

Seekers will be finishing “Prophets and Kings” during the last two weeks of March and then watch for a new study to begin in April.

You may attend in person or via Zoom.

Contact the office at cumc@netins.net

for Zoom information

Blanket Month was January


Church World Service

we collected $275

CUMC Church Directory

The CUMC Church Directory is done. 

Thank you everyone who sent in their picture and updated their information.  Thank you Terri for taking so many great photos.  

You are welcome to pick one up in the Courtyard on the table just inside the West doors.  If you would like one mailed to you please let me know at the office (cumc@netins.net).   Since these will be printed "in house" they can be updated frequently, so if you get new family photos taken, just email me one here at the office and I will update the directory going forward.  Just let the office know if you would like to be added to future editions or if your information has changed.  

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