Welcome to Community United Methodist Church!  We hope you will take a moment to browse our website and discover the many opportunities to experience and share the presence of God, the love of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  You are invited to join us for worship, fellowship, service, and spiritual growth opportunities for all ages, as together we partner with God in making a difference in the world through the love of Jesus Christ. We hope to see you soon!



Welcome back to church!!!

Please check out our social distancing

requirements link below to the right.

SUNDAY, October 18:

     8:30 am – Prayer Gathering

     9:00 am – Sunday School (all ages)

     10:00 am – Worship

     11:00 am – Fellowship

MONDAY, October 19:  Pastor out of office

     7:00 pm - Glory Circle

TUESDAY, October 20:  Pastor out of the office

WEDNESDAY, October 21:

     5:30 am – Morning Men’s Group

     1:30 pm – Faith Circle

     6:00 pm – Youth Group (5th – 8th grades)

     7:30 pm – Leadership Board

THURSDAY, October 22:

     10:00 am – Seekers Bible Study

SUNDAY, October 25:

     8:30 am – Prayer Gathering

     9:00 am – Sunday School (all ages)

     10:00 am – Worship

     11:00 am – Fellowship

WEDNESDAY, October 26:

     5:30 am – Morning Men’s Group

THURSDAY, October 27:

     10:00 am – Seekers Bible Study

SUNDAY, November 1:  *All Saints Sunday*

     8:30 am – Prayer Gathering

     9:00 am – Sunday School (all ages)

     10:00 am – Worship

     11:00 am – Fellowship

You are welcome to contact the office

at 515-275-4015 for updates at anytime. 

You are also welcome to call Pastor Buck directly at 712-303-8812.


CUMC monthly calendar is located under the

Calendar tab at the top of this page.


It is soon that time of year when we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  What a great time to tell others about Him and what he has done for us!!  You can be a part of this mission by packing a OCC Shoebox.

You can pick up your OCC Shoebox here at church (or we can deliver them to you), fill it with fun items and return your box(es) to church so they can be shipped all over the world.  You can even track your box and see where it ends up.  When your box of goodies arrives at its destination local believers share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children as they distribute them. As a result, families are reached, new churches are started, and communities are transformed. It all begins with you!!


It all starts on October 4th and the collection deadline is November 16th.  Boxes will be available at church or you may request delivery of your box(es) to your doorstep by contacting the church office (515-275-4015) and requesting a delivery.  Personal shoppers are available, just give them a list and they will take care of the shopping for you. 

You can also fill a box online,

Build your box online here


Let’s all do our part to bring another child to know Christ as his/her Savior.

Bible Study w/ Evelyn

SEEKERS - Seekers will begin a new study on September 10.  It's easy to wander away from God. Hectic schedules and the quest for success often mean that time with God gets neglected. But if we slow down long enough to listen, these three minor prophets--Jonah, Joel, and Amos--can have a major impact on the quality of our lives.   A great opportunity to spend time in discussion, study and fellowship.  We meet in the church library and welcome new participants at any time

Wednesday Morning Men's 

Bible Study

A good group of men have been meeting in the CUMC Courtyard on Wednesday mornings at 5:30 am.  They are studying 52 men in the Bible and are engaging in wonderful Bible related conversations. 

All men are welcome!!

Weekly Messages

Join us each week as we

grow and learn together!

Click Here to find weekly messages

Men's Breakfast

Men's breakfast will meet on
November 8th at 7:30 am. 
Jim McConnell is hosting.
Mission Statement:
Coming together with love; Uniting for fellowship and prayer; 
Ministering to our community as disciples of Christ.

Mission Focus:

To help those of our church and community to KNOW GOD better,  LOVE GOD more passionately and SERVE GOD more fully.

Harvest of Blessings

Drive Thru Dinner


Community United Methodist Church

Sunday, November 15, 2020

11:00 am – 12:30 pm


All Are Welcome

Free Will Offering


Proceeds go to

Boone County Mission Opportunities

and Women at the Well Ministry


Home delivery available for shut-ins only. 

Call 515-275-4015 by noon on

Friday, November 13th for delivery reservations.

We're Back!!

We are excited to be meeting regularly again at CUMC.  We have implemented new safety guidelines (see below) and are on our way back to normal worship.  Even with our new seating arrangement in the sanctuary there is still room for more.  You are welcome to join us as soon as you are comfortable.  We have masks and hand sanitizer available at church.  

We look forward to seeing every one of you very soon!!

In the meantime we will be recording the services and posting the recordings to our website by 1PM on the same Sunday.  
Click Here to review our guidelines we have put into place to make our services as safe as possible.


Youth Group will be on

October 21st, November 4th, 11th, & 18th at 6:00 pm

All youth from 5th grade to 8th grade are welcome to attend

All 5th - 9th grade kids in the community are welcome to attend.  We welcome everyone.  A RSVP would be nice to allow us to prepare a meal for those that plan to attend.


Wishlists for CUMC Children and Youth Activities

Kelli has a wishing well outside the CUMC office with wishes on buckets that she would enjoy to have for Youth Group.  The buckets (list) include - 

Sticky cobwebs, plastic spiders, battery operated tea lights, AA batteries,

Hot Cocoa, jewel stickers, cotton balls, cardboard tube from gift wrap, crescent rolls, celery, raisins, and apples.

Guidelines for CUMC Children and Youth Activities

*Please bring a mask with you to Sunday School and youth group.   I am leaving it up to the discretion of the teacher whether or not they want you to wear a mask. 

This may change as we go along.

*Please remember to social distance.  We will do our best to have fun while remaining safe.

*If you are not feeling well, please stay home. 

*We will have hand sanitizer available and we will use it often. 

*We will sanitize in and out of rooms. 

*We will be cleaning the tables as often as we can.


We will accommodate whatever parents wish.   

If you feel your child cannot come unless we wear masks, we can change our guidelines.



The mission group had a wonderful time at Red Bird Mission in Kentucky!  We built a ramp and stoop of one homeowner and added spindles to a deck that had been completed by a large group just before the shut down.  We were blessed to have Tim as are crew leader again and the only other group that was there was from Hueytown, Alabama, who were also there last year.  It was certainly a different experience with only two groups and just 15 work camp volunteers.  We were able to visit with the other group and share just the same.  It is our hope that our church will continue to support this wonderful mission.  They have faced many hurdles this year yet are still finding new ways to serve the area, including adding Vocational classes to their high school.  From Pastor Buck, Chrys Velky, Freda Perdue, Sandy Freisen and Todd and Nancy Leemkuil, we say thank you for helping us to serve this wonderful mission. 


 Thank you to all that provided items for Hygiene Kits and School Supply Kits. We were able to assemble 20 of each kit. A great donation from our congregation. Excess items that could be added to Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes were shared with the congregation for that purpose. Items not able to be added to shoeboxes were donated to Beacon of Hope men’s shelter in Fort Dodge. The Mission Committee Greatly appreciates your support.

  Worship Time

Starting on September 20, 2020

8:30 am -Prayer Gathering

9:00 am - Sunday School

10:00 a.m. Worship

CUMC Church Directory

The Church Directory is underway. 

We are still collecting pictures so come in and I will take one on the backdrop, or you are welcome to send in a recent selfie or other recent photo to cumc@netins.net.  I hope to be printing in October.  Please send pictures ASAP.

Blanket Sunday


Church World Service

On  Blanket Sunday the church kids collected $535.35 by carrying an outstretched blanket up and down the isle.  That is a lot of blankets to keep people warm!!

Great work congregation and kids!!

Be a Follower of Our Site
If you are concerned about dropping off items, no worries.  You can bring items that you have already purchased anytime.  You DO NOT need to bring items to church in the month that they were asked for.  Stay home and stay safe.
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